This article was first published and presented at the embedded world conference in Nuremberg/Germany in Feb.2014:

Running multiple operating systems on a single Multi Processor System on a Chip (MPSoC) gains massive interest in Embedded System markets. Now that the hardware architecture most commonly used in Embedded Systems - AdvancedRISC Machines (ARM) - is supporting virtualization there are new possibilities for that platform. These are the so called mixed criticality systems. That is for example a General Purpose OS (GPOS) and a Real Time OS (RTOS) on a single die running at the same time with independent or shared resources. Instead of a RTOS a bare metal implementation could also be made. Such a mixed criticality system is imaginable in automotive areas to separate the infotainment from the network system, which has to be secure and reliable. To reach these goals there are mainly two different approaches: Virtualization and a hard coded solution.

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