Hardware/software platform concept to solve customized embedded system development challenges

platform smallEmbedded  systems  with  internet connectivity  and  multimedia functionality are used in industrial, networking, mobile, medical and special application goods.Many applications have particular requirents, e.g. regarding their system interfaces, dimensions or power consumption, which complicates the use of standard products. Nevertheless they have overlapping core requirements regarding the corresponding processor subsystem. With a customized processor system the best product properties can be achieved. But the developers face various challenges by implementing a customized processor system:

  • changing requirements during development phase
  • cast product development time
  • increasing software complexity
  • rapid validation of a planned system architecture required
  • high development costs and NREs for low volume products

selection3mycable GmbH has developed an a approach to decrease development risks and effort by implementing a modular hardware/software platform called "XXS". Basically "XXS" is a platform combining an off-the-shelf solution for the overlapping core requirements for various customized embedded systems. The OEM processor modules XXSnet and XXSvideo are dedicated to communication, control and visualization applications combining the core functionality on a single hardware module with the corresponding software base. These XXSoem boards combine a high level  of  system integration, performance and low power consumption. Further hardware IPs are ready for integration on application specific base boards. mycable provides bootloader and Linux BSP for their XXSoem modules hardware components, including source code and cross-toolchain. Several extensions like network security and encryption or DirectFB are available, so developers can focus on their application specific development.

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